The Wait

The wait is painful.

And that’s really just about all we can do at this point. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve researched the crap out of Mama’s extremely rare brain cancer, asked plenty of questions and sought answers from multiple sources. There just aren’t any. Not yet.

We are grateful to have a widely-respected expert in the neuro-oncology field as Mama’s doctor. We ended up having to switch doctors a couple of times; our first doctor was not honest with us about the cancer diagnosis, and the second one failed to recognize a minor stroke right in front of her. It was a nightmare that turned into a two-week hospital stay. The importance of finding the right doctor cannot be undervalued.

Mama’s next MRI is in the second week of July. At that point, we hope to have a better idea if her cancer is back or if it’s radiation trauma/injury. Our doctor has outlined possible treatment plans for either option.

Part of the concern: one of the few-known traits of Mama’s extremely rare cancer, called Anaplastic Hemangiopericytoma (A-HPC for short), is that even with surgery and radiation, the cancer frequently comes back, more malignant and rapidly enlarging in 1-2 weeks.

We’ve spent the last two weeks since her latest MRI grappling with the possible treatment options and trying to understand what’s happening. There just aren’t a lot of answers to be had at the moment. The uncertainty is uncomfortable.

Yet, worrying about it isn’t going to change anything — at least not for the better. It isn’t going to stop her cancer.

So rather than spend the next weeks worrying, we’re going to focus on something wonderful… our beloved Venice, Italy! Our very special trip last year literally breathed new life into Mama. Please check back tomorrow for the first in a special series of Nosy Parker blog posts packed full of stories, photos and even video from our truly amazing trip.

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  1. Oh Gabriana, what a difficult time for you and Jude. Not knowing is awful. Your choice of “returning” to Venice is a wonderful one. To think about great times helps. I send you love and prayers. w



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