The Waiting Continues

Mama’s latest MRI this week was inconclusive — virtually no change (just about 1 mm growth). So now the long wait continues.

The next MRI is in 6 weeks. At that time, we hope the damaged area will shrink. Mama has decided to add a short dose of steroids to help shrink it — in addition to the natural anti-inflammatories she’s been taking.

After making a few detailed flow charts and lists, we’re feeling more confident about the different treatment options depending on if it is tumor recurrence or radiation damage. We’re not terribly thrilled with any of the options, especially given Mama’s past reactions, but we feel like we now better understand the options.

Thank you to everyone who sent messages of love and support. It’s been difficult to talk about what’s happening, and it’s all been quite overwhelming and exhausting, but we so appreciate the kindness. (And thank you Nan for the lovely flowers on our doorstep!)

[In case you’ve just been reading my blog for the Venice posts, I’ve been blogging about Venice to relive a very special trip I took with my dear Mama (for whom I caregive) and our little dog last year.]

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  1. This was the easiest MRI yet because I kept repeating all of your names to the rhythms that I heard in the MRI. Thank you so much for being with me during that time.


  2. “the older we get the more we shed meaningless things and negative preoccupations. We become…softer with age…more gentle. As we do, we … recognize that we are doing in fact what we came to earth to do. We are becoming the women we have wanted to be.”
    Marianne Williamson, A WOMAN’S WORTH



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