Best gelato in the world

Grom mint chip

Flavor of the month at Grom!

There are tons of gelato shops in Venice, but they are not all created equal! Many of the little hole in the wall shops sell very chemical tasting, terrible stuff. The difference between those and a quality shop cannot be underrated. The pure natural flavors burst forth from quality gelato. My two favorites are Grom (pictured above right) and Suso (pictured below).

My Mint Lovers Combo at SUSO Gelato

My personal Mint Lovers Combo at SUSO Gelato

Here’s more about my love affair with gelato. Please share your favorites in the comments!

Horrible gelatoP.S. Here’s an example of one of the gelato shops NOT to patronize. I should have known when they refused to give a sample. This was the worst excuse for gelato I’ve ever tasted. (Bonus points if you can pinpoint this terrible shop’s location!)

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  1. I left a reply a couple of days ago, but it’s not appeared yet, so I’ll try again. It’s Mr Sandwich Bar on the Riva del Ferro, near the Rialto Bridge (San Marco side). The reviews on Tripadvisor say the ice-cream is pretty good.



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