Where in the world?

We checked in at San Francisco Airport on Facebook, but only told a couple of friends where we were going. It’s a major trip, though very last minute.

It’s been a difficult summer. At the start of it, Mama’s rare brain cancer returned (or so the docs think, but aren’t entirely sure), so we’ve had to return for MRI tests every month. Majorly stressful. But just two weeks ago, the docs said whatever is going on seems to be stable at the moment and gave us a reprieve. No test this month!

Mama arriving in VeniceBetter than not spending loads of time at the hospital this month, the docs encouraged us to take a trip! Even more so after hearing that Mama is not interested in additional cancer treatments that will only further degrade her quality of life. Rather, we are embarking on the best cancer treatment of all — spending time in Mama’s favorite place in the world.

Abby arriving in VeniceLast year, when we first learned that Mama’s extremely rare brain cancer is considered terminal, we decided to take a special trip Venice, Italy (perhaps you read our endless blog posts on the trip or saw our home gallery?). It was incredible to see how being in Venice brought Mama back to life — so it was not surprising that she was eager to return, particularly since she is physically much stronger than last year.

With barely more than a week to arrange the details and pack our bags, here we are! Through friends of friends, we’ve rented a small and modest apartment in the Castello district of Venice, not far from Piazza San Marco. We’re all settled in, despite one missing piece of luggage we hope will arrive shortly (or at least before Abby needs her raincoat!).

IMG_1550This year, the traveling party includes Mama, the Lil’ Nosy Parker, Abby (who is already a big hit with tourists and Italians alike) and me. Calls of “Que bella, bellisima!!!” follow Abby around the island.

Though we plan to hit up a couple of touristy stops we missed previously, we hope to experience Venice as temporary residents again, becoming part of our neighborhood (as we did with our beloved Campiello del Remer). We also pledge to enjoy gelato every day!

We’ll share our photos and adventures with you through posts on this blog, as well as on Mama’s blog: Giuditta in Italia. Please share your suggestions, comments, encouragement, etc in the comments sections! We love hearing from you!!!

Check out this little video I put together of our water taxi ride into Venice (from the airport)

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  1. Such wonderful news to hear that you, Mama Jude and Lil’ Nosy Parker are back in Venice. I hope you have a wonderful time and I am looking forward to reading all about your adventures.


  2. Yay! You’re there. Jude you look radiant! The video is a bonus to your faithful followers, thank you.

    We all look forward to hearing of your experiences in the most beautiful city in the world.

    Ciao, belle. xxxxx


  3. I’m so, so glad that you three are back in Venice. And thank you for the wonderful video – I’ve never seen Venice from that vantage point, and it is really wonderful.


  4. I am so happy to see you both living life to it’s fullest, you put us timid creatures to shame.
    Thank you for your wonderful musings, pictures and video – I felt the ocean spray on my face.
    Hugs, Krystin


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