Recycling Resolutions — it’s about finding the joy

Nosy Parker Resolutions Graphic jpgIt’s that time of year again, when everyone is making resolutions. Perhaps you’ve broken yours already? Or have you stayed strong?

I make resolutions three times a year. It just happens that the calendar new year, Jewish new year and my birthday are all spaced out nicely throughout the year, giving me the chance to reevaluate and solidify better habits. Knowing that I’ll reassess in a few months also takes the pressure off just a bit.

This is my third New Year’s as my dear Mama‘s full-time caregiver. I think of resolutions in a very different way now. We are hopeful as this new year begins, and we look forward to several big changes for our small family. Kicking off 2014, my resolutions are two-fold…

As a caregiver, it’s easy to forget or run out of time for yourself. Even breathing sometimes requires reminders. So this January, I’ll be recycling resolutions of past — recommitting to being the best version of myself I can be. Experience has taught me that taking better care of myself will make me a better caregiver. That includes focusing on the positive in each day with gratitude.

As a writer, I’ve decided to focus on finding the joy. That is, after all, what each of my varied blog posts have in common. Sharing bits of happiness — whether stories and photos from Venice, cooking adventures, or favorite finds — is all about finding the joy in life. Forget lemonade from lemons, we’re making delectable lemon squares! I intend to write regular Nosy Parker blog posts about finding the joy in a plethora of surprising places — from San Francisco to Venice, featuring food, travel, tech, style and more. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. Perhaps subscribe? 🙂

I am also finishing writing my novel based on true events with hopes to release it by Mother’s Day. Read an excerpt from the NaNoWriMo Winning Novel “Now Then” here!

8 replies

  1. As always I love your posts. I look forward to reading what joyous things you discover. I think its amazing how you live with intention and meaning!


    • Thank you dear Alyssa! Gratitude seems to be the key. Some days you’ve got to really scrape the barrel for it, but it’s down there. Sending you lots of love!


  2. I am looking forward to your posts. Taking care of ourselves first is something we all need to remember. I admire that you are working full time and posting 3 times a week. Here I am back in job search mode and publishing only 1 original post a week. Joy filled blessings to you and Mama Jude.


    • Hi Michele! Kind of you to say, though I’m not working full-time (at least not outside of my caregiving role at home). Taking care of ourselves seems to be so easy to get pushed aside, but it is so crucial. Joy-filled blessings to you too dear!



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