A Smile With Every Sip

Pink Smile With Every SipAs part of my 2014 mantra of Finding the Joy, here’s my latest wee project that brings a smile to my face with every sip. It’s perfect if you’re trying to drink more water as one of your New Year’s resolutions!

These fun googly eyes have eyelashes painted on for a stylish, yet whimsical touch. I also added a cursive monogram vinyl sticker along the bottom part of the bottle. You can apply your googly eyes to the side of the bottle, but then you don’t get the eye-to-eye encounters!

Smile With Every Sip is incredibly easy. Here are the steps to make your own:

1. Choose your favorite water bottle. In the Nosy Parker household, we’re currently obsessed with Contigo AUTOSEAL because it is surprisingly easy to drink large quantities of water. I use the pink one, and the red one belongs to my dear Mama.
SmileWithEverySip2. Gather your supplies. You’ll need a hot glue gun (with glue sticks), a black sharpie permanent marker, and googly eyes of your choice (and oh boy are there choices – varying sizes, plus colorful eyelashes options, and stick-on vs. paste-on).
3. Decide on the prime googly eyes location. Move them about until it looks right to you and gives you a giggle. Perhaps it’s on the top like we did, or perhaps you go for the side. We liked how the eyes and spout make a face!
4. Mark the decided spot with a dot. This will make it easier when you’re gluing. (See the upper right photo in the collage for the example)
5. Hot glue googly eyes in place.
Make sure you’re working on a hard, flat surface. Put a small drop of hot glue on the back of one googly eye and place it over the dot. A little goes a long way. Let it dry and then you’re set!

We’d love to see your “Smile With Every Sip” bottle. Tell us about it in the comments, or use #SmileWithEverySip on social media! Enjoy!

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