The Joy of Shakespeare in Santa Cruz


Photos feature the incomparable Charles Pasternak performing, Charlie and Mama outside Noon at the Nick, Mama and Me at Shakespeare Santa Cruz one month post brain surgery

Every year we look forward to Shakespeare in Santa Cruz, but now it is in danger of closing. There are just a few hours left to save this precious treasure – help Shakespeare Play On in Santa Cruz! I donated today in honor of my dear Mama, to whom this cultural treasure means the world!

Shakespeare Santa Cruz is a longstanding summer tradition with my Mama — we’d bring a picnic dinner and a bottle of wine, sometimes bringing friends and always making new ones there. The photo of us in the collage is literally a few weeks after brain surgery. Mama insisted we still attend, her using a walker and me for support, and the SSC staff was terrific in helping us make it physically possible. It has been the highlight of our summers for many years, but this past summer, we were honored to get a backstage tour (thank you Gina Marie Hayes – you’re amazing!) and got to check out their beautiful new outdoor stage, which I hope UCSC will have the decency to let Shakespeare Play On use!

To those who run things: please keep in mind that part of what makes Shakespeare in Santa Cruz extraordinary are the Noon at the Nick events where actors, directors and other key players talk about the different shows and connect with the community. Mama has long attended all of them and that’s how she got to meet the phenomenal Charlie Pasternak (photo on the right in the collage).

Today I donated to save Shakespeare in Santa Cruz in honor of Mama, who had already donated in honor of Charlie and then in honor of me (thanks Mama!). Please join us in helping save Shakespeare in Santa Cruz – Shakespeare Play On!!!

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