The Joy of Ellen

A sweet note Mama wrote to herself about Ellen

A sweet note Mama wrote to herself about Ellen

Last week I wrote about how every day is like Mother’s Day in the Nosy Parker household. So, now that the actual holiday is fast approaching, what are we doing to differentiate it from our norm? I knew it had to be especially big and exciting… so we got tickets to see the Ellen show in Los Angeles!!!

We are major Ellen fans — turning to her for a good laugh and a pick-me-up when life has been challenging. The Ellen show is heartwarming, hilarious and inspiring to watch. Ellen is incredibly funny and amazingly kind and sincere. She is pure light, and we are touched by her charming and sweet interactions with her guests. Her delightful conversations with kids are so sweet!

Nosy Parker & Ellen (cutout, that is)

Nosy Parker & Ellen (cutout, that is)

Our favorite guest DJ on the show is Twitch, having had the pleasure to see his rockstar dance moves in person at the “So You Think You Can Dance” live tour years ago.

We love Ellen’s Good News Blog, which highlights other truly kind people in the world. It’s such a joy to read her good news, especially after working in a newsroom and writing about the daily tragedies of the world.

We love you Ellen!!! Thank you for all that you do! We can’t wait to see you in person this week!

Lastly, major thanks to my fellow USC alum and sorority sister Becky for hooking us up with VIP tickets! I cannot thank you enough, Becky!


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  1. Oh, boy, that is terrific news! Let us know the date, please, we actually see Ellen pretty much the enxt day, so maybe I can spot the 2 of you beaming like mad in the audience!!



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