Nosy Parker at The Ellen Show

Nosy Parker family selfie #ImAtEllen

Nosy Parker family selfie #ImAtEllen

Earlier this week, I wrote about finding joy through The Ellen Degeneres Show. Today – you might just spot us in her audience! Look for the Nosy Parker family in the front row, center section, right behind where Andy the producer stands. Mama is wearing a green top with blue flowers and I’m wearing a turquoise dress. Check out our pre-show Nosy Parker family selfie!

We had the most fun day at the Ellen taping — a special Mother’s Day celebration for us! We are staying in an airbnb apartment directly across the street to make the traveling as easy on Mama as possible (it’s a sweet little place with a wonderful host who we’d recommend highly). We literally walked across the street for the taping. We were so excited that we could hardly sleep the night before. We weren’t sure who the guest would be — and it turned out that it was Julia Roberts! Both she and Ellen are even more stunningly gorgeous in person! Ellen was hilarious, of course! Ellen couldn’t dance because of some cool new shoes Julia had given her, which also meant there was no guest DJ. Even though we were sad to miss tWitch, there was lots of dancing and cheering. Edgar, the guy who delivered pizza to the Oscars, brought pizza for the entire audience. It was very sweet to see him kiss Julia’s hand. During the musical performance, Ellen and Julia sat on stools so close to us that we could nearly touch them. It was hard to watch the musicians while being in such close proximity to them.

Jeannie & Nosy Parker Selfie #ImAtEllen #WeLoveYouJeannie

Jeannie & Nosy Parker Selfie #ImAtEllen #WeLoveYouJeannie

After the show, we got a chance to meet Jeannie! And as embarrassing as this is to admit, I got extremely excited. I think there was some jumping and screaming involved, though I’ve seemed to block it out as self preservation. She was incredibly sweet and we loved chatting with her! Jeannie seemed to get our special mother-daughter relationship, and gave us a very special Mother’s Day gift — which we’ll tell you about on Friday! We can’t spoil it all now, after all. But here’s a selfie Jeannie was kind enough to take with me at the end.

Check back this Friday to see the amazing thing that happened to us!!! Thank you so much to Ellen, Jeannie and my fellow USC alum and sorority sister Becky!!!


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  1. Well, at noon, the TV station was off the air! The program was re-broadcast on another channel later in the day. I was glued … But, I didn’t see you guys, darn it. However, isn’t Julia Roberts gorgeous and fun! Baci



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