Nightmares to Gems

#OneGoodThingToday didn’t start out as a very good Monday. The day started with long and frustrating calls with insurance companies, which were not even resolved in the end. I wondered how was I ever going to come up with today’s #OneGoodThing.

But it turned out that the aggravating morning was so that I would appreciate it more when I encountered several gems in the afternoon. At least that is what I’m telling myself.

My first gems of the day were at a doctor’s office, where the receptionist was incredibly kind and helpful. Not only was she able to reduce my out-of-pocket costs at the visit, we bonded over shared medical challenges and she gave me a spark of hope much needed.

Later in the day, my next gems appeared over the phone as customer service heroes. You see, I had needed a new winter jacket. Let’s just say I’d outgrown my old one. So after the holidays, when the sales are typically at their best (and my old coat is least likely to fit), Mama and I went jacket hunting. I found one I loved online at nearly 70% off! It finally arrived, and it was too small. So I began the hunt to find the right size. After a rocky start, I found an incredible customer service agent, who helped me track the last possible store in the U.S. that might have the size I needed. After she wasn’t able to reach the necessary department, I continued trying and was finally able to reach the last gem of the night. She hunted down the last coat — rack by rack, honored my discount, and shipped it to me! Yay! Major success!!!

To the gems that helped brighten my originally shitty day, I thank you! You are today’s #OneGoodThing.

Day 11 of 366. And happy 1/11!

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