The mealtime trifecta 

bolaniToday’s #OneGoodThing is a Nosy Parker family favorite: Bolani middle eastern prepared food fully in stock at our local Costco.

We discovered this healthy, delicious dish (and yes, we mix up a big bowl of all 4 items pictured) from a sample a few months ago. The Bolani guys giving out the samples were very friendly and generous. It was so good that we essentially had lunch at their stand that day. And then we brought home all 4 parts of this incredibly tasty dish!

The same guys were there today and even seemed to remember us (shout out to the guy calling himself Fred). When we told them how much we loved it, they gave us especially large samples and tried to give us another for the road. They were very sweet, and we were happy to stock up on this fast, easy meal!

Bolani dishes freeze for up to 6 months, though it would never make it that long in our house. We absolutely love the flavor combination, and we love how healthy it is! Plus, the garlic mint yogurt (sounds weird, but actually incredible) is good on so many things. We dollop it around as if it were sour cream.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is the mealtime trifecta: food that’s actually good for you, tastes really good, and requires no work! Hooray!

Day 12 of 366.


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