Abby’s newest friends 


Abby’s new friends & treats at Amy’s

Today we treated ourselves to a healthy and tasty lunch from Amy’s Drive-Thru in Rohnert Park, and Abby (our little Boston Pug dog) made a couple of new friends.

When we pulled up to the window to pay for and receive our order, Abby immediately crawled out of her seat and stuck her head through the open window. She knows from past experience that the server standing at the window has vegan doggie treats that she’s allowed to eat (her chronic GI issues prevent her from enjoying most treats). Abby absolutely LOVES these treats!

The nice girl at the window today thought Abby was so cute that she gave her a couple of extra treats. And when the manager heard me ask for the name of the treats so I could purchase more, she made up a take-out box filled with them just for Abby! So sweet!!! Anyone who recognizes the sweet spirit of my beloved little dog like this rockets themselves into #OneGoodThing status for sure.

So today’s #OneGoodThing was meeting Abby’s newest friends at Amy’s and their generous box of treats! Thank you!

Day 24 of 366.


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