The sweetness of friends

Today I found #OneGoodThing a few times!


Dr. Kyle

The day started with the Nosy Parker family visiting a new chiropractor. This always makes me a little nervous, but my neck was still bothering me and I needed help. Dr. Kyle came in on his day off and spent a long time with each of us. We liked his kind spirit and skillful adjustment and look forward to continuing care with him. What a huge relief to find our new chiropractor!

The ultimate highlight of the day though must go to the impromptu lunch with our dear friends Bonnie and her sweet mom, Bobbie.


Nosy Parker and the adorable Bobbie

We met them because they are the extended family of our extended family back in Santa Cruz. We’ve enjoyed sharing various Jewish holidays together in Santa Rosa and are now thrilled to count them as part of our extended family as well. Plus, Bobbie makes the BEST mandelbrot (like Jewish biscotti) ever!!! We met up for a wonderful lunch and it was just so lovely to spend time with them again.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is sharing a lunch with our dear friends, Bonnie and Bobbie!

Day 28 of 366.


And a bonus #OneGoodThing…

Abby gave us an adorable smile this evening. This sweet dog could actually be my #OneGoodThing every day, but I’m trying to diversify my positive outlook.



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