The little things


Egg friends and turquoise napkins

Sometimes you’ve got to find joy in the little things. Today was one of those days.

So… the little things that comprised today’s #OneGoodThing included our favorite turquoise napkins arriving in the mail along with the final parts needed to complete the shelving project inside the hall closet. We especially love how these napkins look in our pretty white rose napkin holder.

The other good thing was surprising Mama by drawing on her hard-boiled eggs. I drew little faces and wrote messages. Then I arranged them on the counter and let her find them. She loved them and laughed so hard!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was made up of the little things: like turquoise napkins in a pretty holder and hard-boiled egg art!

Day 35 of 366.


How I put the eggs away in the fridge

Bonus #OneGoodThing: Mama got to catch up with a longtime friend of hers who has been reading this blog and is about to begin her own #OneGoodThing journal as well! Welcome to the journey Athena!

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