My 3D-printed body part

My awesome dentist Dr. Styles holding my new 3-D tooth

My awesome dentist Dr. Styles holding my new 3-D tooth

Today was the big day to get my crown put onto the tooth that suffered through a root canal earlier this week. It was supposed to be the morning after the root canal, but I was in no state at that time. I was actually excited to get my crown — and not just for the ability to chew on that side again — but because I knew my dentist was going to 3-D print my new crown while I was in the office! No more waiting 2-3 weeks for a crown to come back from the lab. (You might wonder why I know how long that takes. Well, I’m a clencher/grinder and have broken my own teeth before. Oops. Yes, I now use nightguards — plural.) Anyway, I was super excited because this is my first personal experience with 3-D printing (besides seeing the odd item online or at Macworld). So the needles in my tender gums this morning that left half my face numb the rest of the day: Not cool. But my first 3-D printed body part? Awesome!

Next up, Abby went to hydrotherapy rehab today and walked just over a minute longer than last week! She still isn’t thrilled with the underwater treadmill. But it sure beats surgery! I took a little video of her rehab today (attached at the bottom). Hope you enjoy it more than she did. That is, until Abby stole the rest of the doctor’s chicken after completing therapy. I’m not sure anyone could enjoy anything more than this dog with her stolen chicken. The little bandit was hilarious, barely sparing us a guilty glance as she wolfed it down.

Flower at kaiserThe day ended with a horrid blood draw where no one could find any of my veins. While I walked around the hospital parking lot trying to rehydrate and warm up, I noticed this beautiful flower. It made me feel brighter during a really shitty moment. I hope it makes you feel brighter too.

As I’m writing this post, Mama and I cannot stop laughing. She is telling me about how she couldn’t decide which of her “egg art” friends to eat first today, and how her friend said she’d just starve because they’re too cute to eat. (Thank you Athena!) So Mama decided to first eat the egg that says, “Eat me!” Somehow this struck as just hilarious tonight. What can I say, but it was a long day.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was my new 3-D printed body part with bonuses for Abby’s rehab progress, a gorgeous flower perfectly timed, and the hilarity of Mama.

Day 36 of 366.

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