The adorableness of Abby and Nana

Abby and NanaThe Lil’ Nosy Parker, Abby, did really well at her hydrotherapy rehab today. She walked for 7 minutes on the underwater treadmill! And that probably would have been today’s #OneGoodThing.

Then our dear friends Lisa and Nana Fran invited us out to dinner. The entire Nosy Parker family was wiped out after an exhausting week, but we all 3 rallied for the chance to hang out with these awesome women. Just one look at Abby’s huge grin will tell you how much we enjoy spending time with them.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was Abby with Nana Fran.

Day 43 of 366.

mustard flower fieldAs a little bonus, I saw this beautiful field of mustard flowers on the way home from the vet today. It was so pretty that I had to snap a picture and share with you!

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