Medication charts for everyone!

#OneGoodThingToday I created medication charts for every member of the Nosy Parker family.

Keeping track of 3 souls’ chronic conditions and correlating medications and doctors is no small task. Of course, I have various lists of who’s taking what, but it requires frequent updates and was not as organized as I’d like (i.e. it’d be hard for someone else to know what was most current). So in an effort to reduce my own caregiver’s mental overload, I created a detailed chart for each member of the family. Plus, you can never be too prepared for an emergency or change in anyone’s status.

This bit of creative neurosis was today’s #OneGoodThing not just ’cause my charts are awesome, but because of the feeing of relief I experienced when I finally properly documented this critical information outside the confines of my brain.

Day 51 of 366.

P.S. I’m not sharing the actual charts with you because of privacy so you’ll just have to take my word on awesome they are, but they include medication names, dosage, prescribing doctor and purpose — as well as a color-coded box to check off once the pills are taken! Yep, I’m a bit anal like that. The chart obsession runs in the family. To say I come by it naturally would be a massive understatement.

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