A perfectly timed call

old fashioned phoneI was feeling a little down and frustrated this afternoon — mostly centered around my recent autoimmune disease diagnosis and current physical limitations. I never fully realized how much I used to accomplish or do in a day until I no longer could.

At times, when I was depressed about it, I didn’t really care that I couldn’t do as much as I had before. I’ve been taking better care of myself and I’m feeling stronger mentally now, but my body is still struggling with chronic illness. It’s frustrating to want to be active and unable to be — it’s like having shpilkes plus fatigue. The two simply don’t mix.

Just when this icky feeling was trying to get the best of me today, my sisterfriend Goldberg called — as if she had radar that I needed to talk. She was wonderfully supportive and reminded me of how empowering it can feel to finally get some answers in terms of diagnosis. And so the excitement builds for her visit this summer!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was a supportive call at exactly the moment it was needed.

Day 52 of 366.

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