Randomness of strangers 

Unapproachable at best

Unapproachable at best

It’s not uncommon for random strangers to approach the Nosy Parker family when we’re out as a pack. Befriending strangers is a family trait really passed down from my grandmother, but our unique mother-daughter-cute dog trio tends to be a magnet. We’ve forged some wonderful, lifelong friendships in this manner, especially while traveling.

So I was a little taken aback when I was out running errands on my own today, and no fewer than 4 strangers started conversations with me. I was particularly surprised since it was a ‘sunglasses-glued-to-my-face-even-indoors’ kind of day (for extreme light sensitivity) — and I was wearing a protective face mask during the wait for blood work in the hospital lab (a precaution given my weak immune system). Seriously, think about this — and check out my photo. I had on sunglasses and a face mask. None of my facial features were visible. I could not have seemed less approachable, and yet, 2 separate strangers started talking with me while I looked like that. Both were nice and I obliged.

One of the two conversationalists at the lab worriedly told me that she’d be having to eat a soft foods diet for a week coming up due to a dental surgery. Suddenly I knew why the universe sent her in my path. I’ve been on soft foods for about a month now, I told her. The trick is a rotation of a variety of healthy smoothies, hearty soups, mashed potatoes, ginger yam mash, pudding/jell-o/mousse, and milkshakes (and then you can segue into stews or chilis). She was so relieved!

Another of the random interactions happened while picking up Abby’s medication, but the 4th and possibly most random, was the bicyclist who started up a conversation through my closed car window while we were stopped at a red light! Seriously strange day. But the fact that I was even able to go out and run these vital errands, was a MAJOR improvement over last week.

Finding the strength to go out and be a part of the world and enjoy these interesting interactions was today’s #OneGoodThing.

Day 60 of 366.

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