A plethora of parsley 

parsleyI’ve never been a great gardener. No green thumb here. Seriously. I killed more than one cactus during college. So it absolutely shocks me that our potted herb garden is doing well, especially since only the rain has been watering it (and we’re in a drought)! The plant thriving the most is the parsley — as you can see in the photo. Look at all that parsley!

So here’s my plea to you, what is your favorite parsley-related recipe? Bonus points the more parsley needed! I don’t want it to go to waste — and Passover is still nearly 2 months away (for the non-Jews, we use a lot of parsley during the service)!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is the plethora of fresh parsley we’ve grown, which is awaiting your best suggestions, please!!!

Day 61 of 366.

6 replies

  1. You have the flat-leaf parsley there, Gabriana. It is supposed to have a better flavour than the curly-leaf, but I’m not so sure. My favourite dish with parsley is cod with parsley sauce. You make a normal white sauce and add as much parsley as you want. We had this just about every Friday for years when I was a child. We were not Catholics, but Friday was always “fish day”.



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