Downton Abbey wraps beautifully

DowntonIt was the end of an era; tonight was the final episode of Downton Abbey. The Nosy Parker family has religiously watched each of the six seasons. We love the writing, the costumes, the acting, the fascinating time period and the rise of women’s rights and more. Maggie Smith had such great lines that we started writing them down. Check out some of our favorites in this great clip compiled by Slate.

Dickie has pernicious anemia

A screenshot of our TV: Dickie has pernicious anemia

SPOILER: On a side note, in the first few minutes of tonight’s finale Mrs. Crawley’s beau Dickie is diagnosed with pernicious anemia. Thank G-d we could pause the TV because we both freaked out; I think I actually told the TV to shut up. Pernicious anemia is exactly the diagnosis I was given about a month ago! Luckily for me, it’s no longer deadly. Doctors have figured out that Vitamin B12 injections should help.

Anyway… Though I’m very sad that this show we love has ended, I felt incredibly satisfied with how the many twisting plots worked out nicely in the end. Today’s #OneGoodThing was enjoying the many happy endings for our favorite characters on Downton Abbey with Mama. It’s been fun watching together 🙂

Day 66 of 366.

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