Clarity in the bathtub

fatigue memeI find a good soak in the tub often comes with the perk of clearing my mind. It can help me focus, solve a problem or break through writer’s block.

Today’s soak-in-the-tub clarity was about the need to update loved ones. I find that when I’m entrenched in a situation, the rest of the world can fade away, which then only enforces the isolation. I haven’t told many people about what’s been happening because I really didn’t have words for it. Apparently, the words are “chronic fatigue syndrome” and “autoimmune pernicious anemia” — plus 4 other diagnoses and counting (still waiting on endoscopy biopsies). I’m only just starting to understand each of the diagnoses, how they overlap, and how to deal with an immune system that attacks itself. My soak-fueled clarity used to leave me feeling refreshed and relaxed. Today it left me so fatigued that I had to rest. For me, this meme just says it all.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was clarity in the bathtub.

Day 67 of 366.

8 replies

  1. I’m sad about your current state of ‘un’health. Being sick really does affect us body,mind and soul. B-12 injections really helped my Mama to deal with anemia. I donate blood every few months and pop iron tablets every day. Oatmeal breakfasts are iron-rich, too.



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