Nail fun with Lili

nails with lili

Green toes are Lili. I’m wearing an Essie polish called ladylike, which feels perfectly named.

While making sushi together last month, my neighbor Lili invited me to try a new local nail place with her. We’d talked about both getting pedicures, but my feet couldn’t wait (I broke down and painted my toes last week). I rarely paint my fingernails, and I never get manicures because the polish usually chips too quickly to make it worth it. But I wanted to hang out with Lili (especially after having to bail on some other recent plans), so I decided to treat myself to this rare mani. Luckily it was only $12! What a bargain! Somehow my hands seem more graceful with the polish. Bargain indeed!

Today was especially thrilling because it was the first time I felt well enough to leave the house for a non-medical reason in many weeks. After our nail fun, we even grabbed a coffee! I know, it’s like I’ve gone wild. But seriously, it’s nice to feel more like myself however briefly. Today’s #OneGoodThing was nail fun with Lili!

Day 75 of 366.

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