Abby’s progress in rehab

Abby's rehab 5.5 minOur sweet little dog Abby, also known as the Lil’ Nosy Parker, tore the ligaments in both her back knees recently and so we were back at rehab today. (We had to take last week off because I wasn’t well.)

When Abby had only hurt one knee, she’d gotten all the way up to 10 minutes on the underwater treadmill. But once the other knee went a few weeks ago, poor girl had to start over, having regressed to a very sad limp and collapsing behind.

So it was most definitely #OneGoodThing when she made it to 5 minutes and 34 seconds of rehab today! Wondering what that looks like? Check out the video I shot below!

Day 78 of 366.

abby in towelBONUS: As you can imagine, my phone is filled with photos of this adorable little character who fills our lives with joy and laughter. And so I can’t help sharing this bonus bit of loving cuteness with you… here’s Abby drying off post rehab.





Here’s a video of Abby’s rehab…

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