Superb service keeps Abby in kibble

Abby and chewy

That’s my kibble in that box…yum yum yum!!!

The kibble arrived! The kibble arrived! Our sweet little Abby has to eat a Rx kibble due to her chronic GI issues. It has to be special ordered, so her vet recommended we use

Today was our third delivery, and the service and speed just get better and better! We get a discount for subscribing, which is wonderful because they send us a giant bag every 12 weeks and I don’t have to think about it or remember to reorder. This works perfectly for us because the bag of kibble is bigger than Abby and seems to last exactly 12 weeks!

We thought there would be a delay with this delivery as we had to update the credit card for the order just yesterday. So today’s delivery was a bit of surprise — in that we thought it wouldn’t arrive until next week! We actually couldn’t figure out why FedEx would possibly be pulling up to our house this afternoon.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was the early arrival of Abby’s food! Thank you!

Day 99 of 366.

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