An app ran my errands for me

Google_Express_LogoToday’s #OneGoodThing was letting an app run errands for me — specifically the giant task of restocking household supplies from Costco.

By using GoogleExpress to shop at Costco, I don’t have to deal with the store’s parking lots or crowded aisles, bright lights, or schlepping heavy items all over the store and then home. Essentially, this service removes all the parts of Costco that I hate or that make it physically difficult to shop there. I just hope they add fresh produce and cold-store items to the list of deliverable items!

The best bit is overnight delivery from a long list of stores (Target, REI, and many, many more)! We once ran out of packing tape late one night in the middle packing for a move; we immediately placed an order through GoogleExpress and the package of tape was on our doorstep the next morning before the stores were even open!

By the way, I receive absolutely NO compensation of any kind for telling you about this service. I’m just a big fan; I tell every other caregiver I meet about it! When we were house-hunting a couple of years back, we actually took into consideration whether or not GoogleExpress delivered. After our free delivery trial ended, we typically time our orders with available coupons. If you’d like to try the service, here’s a $15 off coupon for your first order (use code “FB4” expires 5/31/16, exclusions apply). You can use their app or check them out at!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was having laundry detergent, toilet paper, organic coconut oil, and other heavy/bulky items delivered to our home! Thank you GoogleExpress and Costco!

Day 100 of 366.

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  1. thought of you and Mama last night while watching the documentary, Doctored. Lots of info about auto-immune syndromes, as well as other systemic disease…even brain tumors.



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