A lovely visit and Abby’s newest friend 

Abby, Nana, and Lexie

It’s a Nana sandwich with Abby and Lexie

Today’s #OneGoodThing was visiting with our friends Lisa and Nana Fran. After a chance encounter while on a biscuit mission last year, we discovered we had a lot in common with these two ladies and that we live near each other. We’ve since become like family. The Nosy Parker family has been laying low as I’ve been dealing with health issues, so it had been a while since we’d seen them. It was lovely and heartwarming to reconnect!

Abby got to meet their dog Lexie for the first time today — and the two dogs happily snuggled up on either side of Nana (see the cute photo). Abby and Nana have always shared a special bond, but it was nice that the two pups liked each other too.

Day 104 of 366.

Nana's rosesBonus #OneGoodThing: I literally stopped to smell the roses today. Lisa and Nana have an incredible rose garden and their home is filled with roses everywhere. Here’s a photo of their stunning, fragrant roses and delicate peonies!



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