Birthday at the beach

birthday at the beachThe Nosy Parker family celebrated my birthday at the beach today.

We used to live near the beach in Santa Cruz. We’d stop by all the time, on the way home from errands or work, to go for a walk, or just to enjoy a cup of coffee. The sounds of the waves crashing mixed with the scent of the salty air — it’s so calming. Add in the feeling of your toes in the sand and I’m in heaven. The beach is my happy place.

So we made a special trek out to Goat Rock Beach. We’d never been to that beach before but a friend recommended it. We thought it was near Bodega Bay, but it turned out to be much closer to Jenner. So we had an adventure.

I was deeply touched by the many kind birthday messages friends, family and former colleagues and classmates shared on my Facebook wall. It’s lovely how Facebook can make your birthday feel so special. And I was thrilled to come home to find a birthday flower delivery from my dear friend Laura and her family. Special thanks to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you for making it a happy birthday!

bday cakeToday’s #OneGoodThing was spending my birthday at the beach with my girls and the lovely birthday wishes from near and far! I’m also deeply grateful to have made it to another birthday. No joke. These last several years — and personally these last few months — have reminded me that life is fragile and precious.

Day 111 of 366. (Side note: I love that my birthday is day 111 because I’m a nerd who likes numbers and patterns, and it reminds me of my beloved grandmother Mema who also loved numbers and would have gotten a kick out of this)

Bonus: This is my chocolate mousse birthday cake. It was damn good. This 6″ cake is chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and a hard chocolate shell all around the cake (the circumference, see I told you I liked numbers).

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