Leftover birthday cake & daily B12 at last

leftover birthday cakeToday I had a reprieve in giving myself a B12 injection. Since I was already taking Mama to the doctor, the nurse kindly agreed to give me today’s shot. What a relief! I may be doing self injections, but they still make me nervous. I guess I’m not quite over my needle phobia yet.

The best thing that happened today was my doctor agreeing to prescribe me daily B12 injections to see if my symptoms — damage to my nervous system — will improve. I noticed a big difference between weekly and alternate day injections, so I’m hoping for a bump in progress with this now too.

The sweetest (and most photogenic) part of the day was a piece of leftover birthday cake. Yum!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was leftover birthday cake and a bump in B12 dosage!

Day 112 of 366.

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