Paving the way for others


Abby and Dr. Hayes in the underwater treadmill tank

At Abby’s rehab session today, we learned her experiences helped pave the way for a dog needing emergency surgery. And that dog is now doing well!

Here’s the story… This other dog and Abby have the same insurance. Our vet staff is now well-versed in jumping though bureaucratic hoops of insurance claims after helping champion Abby’s case of injured knees to be covered by insurance. Having already gone through it with Abby, it was much easier to help this other dog who needed emergency help. It was stressful to fight for insurance coverage when Abby was hurt; so I’m very glad to learn of the silver lining today that Abby’s battle helped another dog in need.

Paving the way for others is today’s #OneGoodThing!

Day 132 of 366.

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