The return of summer produce 

IMG_5294Corn on the cob is back! It was tonight’s dinner and it’s a favorite in the Nosy Parker family.

We went crazy for it last summer. Between the corn and our recent glorious cherries, it feels like summer is back in the produce section!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is the return of summer produce!

Day 133 of 366.

3 replies

  1. …brings back a funny memory…A gal whom I met through school (an exchange student from France) and I were invited to my boyfriend’s house for a barbeque lunch. Shortly after entering the home and seeing what was being served for lunch, this gal asked to go back to my car and get her camera. She wanted to take a photo of the corn on the cob already on the lunch table. “This is so strange.” she said. “In France, we don’t eat such corn. In France, we give corn like this to the pigs.”



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