Divine new lunch discovery

img_7691I drive past all the time. I first noticed the colorful adirondack chairs, bright green lawn and the stunning, floor-to-ceiling glass architecture. It’s just down the street from the chiropractor we started seeing earlier this year, and it turns out to be a cafe called The Pharmacy.

Today the Nosy Parker family finally had a closer look. A lush herb garden outside and a beautiful display inside had us entranced. The Pharmacy’s tag line is “Food is our Medicine” and it was fitting. Chef-prepared salads, sandwiches and more were fresh, healthy and made from whole foods. And it was absolutely delicious! I was nearly sold on one of their salads when I noticed today’s special: a brisket sandwich. It was perfect! A hint of lemon aioli gave it an intriguing punch. Mama and I shared one of their beautiful jars of strawberry shortcake, which we’d never have known was gluten-free without being told. Our mouths were watering over their jars of lemon meringue and a chocolate caramel concoction with sea salt on top.

The atmosphere and service were great and we enjoyed meeting Justin and his mother Kim, who runs the cafe. The silverware and food packaging are made from corn and are compostable. Overall, I was reminded of a cross between two of my favorite San Francisco eateries — miette (best desserts ever) and MixtGreens (best salad meals ever).

We were thrilled to get these prime seats on the lawn today, especially because it turns out there’s only a counter indoors! Though the prices were a bit rich, the food was INCREDIBLE and we plan to return. It was a special treat and it was worth it!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was discovering a divine new lunch spot!

Day 223 of 366.

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!


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  1. A good event in my day so far was speaking this morning to the CA Coastal Commission about being kind to Mama Earth and Just Saying No to developing Banning Ranch, Native American historical site and last vestige of open space along the coast in Orange Co, CA.



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