Bringing our baby home

Abby home from hospitalTonight we got to bring our sweet little Abby home from the hospital.

She’s been there for a day and half after suffering a series of violent seizures. Tests yesterday were inconclusive; but today Abby had a brain MRI. She has a cancerous brain tumor. It’s inoperable and untreatable (except for anti-seizure medication). The neurologist let us know that we’ve likely only got a couple of weeks to a couple of months left with our angel. All we can do now is keep her happy and comfortable until it’s time to say goodbye.

We are beyond devastated. Abby is so much more than a dog to us. She’s beyond a best friend; she’s an integral part of our family and we share a deep bond. She is a part of my soul. We are heartbroken.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was bringing our baby, our Abby, home from the hospital to be with us and feel our love.

Day 280 of 366.



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  1. It is so sad . Let us hope that the three of you go through these coming weeks or preferably months in the best possible ways . I keep praying every day for your family.


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