Sock bun curls

sock bun curlsToday’s #OneGoodThing was this pretty mess of curls that was my hair today!

I have very straight hair that doesn’t hold a curl for long, but occasionally I sleep with my hair piled up in a sock bun and this is the result. I loved how light and bouncy it felt! I hadn’t done the sock bun in a while (and I was a bit out of practice), so I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the result.

If you’ve never heard of a sock bun, it’s when you cut and discard the toe off an old (clean!) sock and roll the tube part up like a donut. Then pile the hair into a ponytail directly on top of the head; dampen the hair slightly; put the ponytail through the rolled up sock; start at the bottom and roll the hair up around the sock. It sounds more complicated than the reality. Plus, iIt’s really easy to sleep on and requires no product!

Day 341 of 366.

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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