Introducing Paisley

Meet Paisley. She’s a 4.5-year-old Boston Terrier and the newest member of the Nosy Parker family.

In October, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Abby and we have been devastated. We only started looking to open our hearts and our home to another dog a couple weeks ago, hoping we’d find the right Boston for us by the end of the year.

Today was our lucky day! We found Paisley on an animal rescue site; we wrote to her owner, who we learned was heartbroken because she needed to find a new home for this sweet girl. We spoke on the phone and knew this was a very special dog, so we drove to Sacramento to meet her! It was love at first sight — and upon first lick.

Mama and Paisley on the drive home

Mama and Paisley on the drive home

Paisley has a sweet, calm temperament and she is full of life. She has been enjoying exploring our home, cuddling, and licking. She’s now passed out on the couch and is settling in beautifully!

We were honored to be chosen to be Paisley’s new forever home. As Paisley’s owner shared stories about her and we shared photos and stories about Abby, it really felt like we were meant to meet. We feel like Abby sent Paisley to us, and we are forever grateful.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is adopting Paisley, Abby’s soul sister.

Day 342 of 366.

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Was it your dog? Share a photo in the comments!


42 thoughts on “Introducing Paisley

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