Faith in humanity restored 

Women's March in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Women’s March in Santa Rosa, Calif.

The Nosy Parker family was devastated by the election results in November. We still can’t believe hate and intolerance won.

We believe...

Also, we believe: Immigrants make America great. Water is Life. Education and Health Care for All. Consent is sexy. Gender is a construct.

We are terrified that our basic human rights — and the rights of others — are already being restricted. Now is the time to resist. We fight for equality for everyone. We fight for freedom, justice and dignity for all.

So today we joined thousands of women (and men too) at a peaceful protest in Santa Rosa, California. We loved seeing the creative signs and friendly faces. It was truly heartwarming to see people come together in unity against a bully. The best chant we heard: “We need a leader, not a crazy tweeter!”

More than 600 solidarity marches were held across the country and around the world. Here are some powerful photos showing the marches spanning the globe. We were also proud to participate in the virtual Disability March for those physically unable to join (we nearly weren’t able make it in person, but we were so glad we did. I wore my face mask for protection).Women's march DC

In the middle of it all, Mama turned to me and said her faith in humanity had been restored. I told her that was today’s #OneGoodThing. I was very proud to protest peacefully with my Mama. I come from a long line of nasty women!

Day 21 of 365.

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments! Did you join the movement today? Share your story, your sign, your photo in the comments!


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