Unconventional love day

Paisley, my cool socks, Nordstrom love and a sweet message (clockwise from top L)

Paisley, my cool socks, sweet message, and Nordstrom love (clockwise from top L)

I’m normally not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, even if I’m not single. There’s just too much pressure. But today was surprisingly good and filled with unconventional bits of love.

I secretly decorated our mantle with a glittery hearts garland (behind Paisley‘s head in the top L photo). After waking up to doggie kisses, the day started off with a very heartfelt and sweet card from Mama. I loved it! I then made her breakfast in bed — including her favorite eggs with the cool blue eggs from our neighbors’ chickens. Then it was time to go and I put on my favorite Boston Terrier love socks, which always make me smile.

Next, a friend I grew up with in Santa Cruz posted about Validation Day on Facebook. It’s about sharing with your friends and loved ones what you admire and appreciate about them. Jenny posted a thoughtful, kind message on my wall and I was deeply touched. I loved the practice so much that I posted it on my wall as well and have been telling friends why I think they’re awesome all evening!

Another delightfully good thing that happened today was a little shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack. We have always loved Nordstrom because they sell me the different sized shoes I need, but today was about grabbing our wallets and showing support for the company after their bumpy week. Afterward we went through the In-N-Out drive-thru and were delighted to find it without a line for the first time ever. Even Paisley got a no-salt dog patty!

Today offered an embarrassment of riches for #OneGoodThing! How awesome! And just what we needed after more than a month of being sick with this nasty plague. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Validation Day, readers! I admire YOU for reading, following, sharing and commenting on my blog! I love to hear from you and appreciate your support!

Day 45 of 365.

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share and comment below!

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