A case of turkey bacon

Willie Bird Turkey Bacon caseToday’s #OneGoodThing was picking up a case of our favorite turkey bacon.

It’s made locally by Willie Bird Turkeys of Sonoma and sold by the case at this great little market just a few minutes down the road from our home. They make a few varieties, but we love the uncured naturally smoked one because it doesn’t have any nitrates or preservatives. This turkey bacon is thick, crispy and delicious! Frankly it puts all other turkey bacon to shame; we’ve now been spoiled by the greatness of Willie Bird.

We have it most mornings for breakfast and we love it! A case usually lasts us a little more than a month so we’re slowing getting to know the market staff. They greeted me like old friends when I went in today; it was very sweet. And now we have a freezer full of turkey bacon — woohoo!!! That is today’s #OneGoodThing!

Day 46 of 365.

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share and comment below!

4 replies

  1. If it’s uncured, no nitrate/nitrite, how can it be “bacon” (even turkey bacon)? The difference between pork and bacon is the addition of sodium nitrate, which turns the meat red, as well as changing the flavour.


    • I don’t know how exactly they do it, but it is wonderful. The meat is a pinkish/red and it crisps up magnificently. It looks, feels and tastes like turkey bacon, without needing any preservatives. I was thrilled to find a nitrate-free version since nitrates trigger migraines for me. Also, I don’t eat pork.



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