Outsmarting the dog

Tarp covered garden boxA couple nights ago, Paisley ran inside from the backyard covered in mud. At midnight.

She then tried to get in my nice, clean bed! Instead, she got a bath. And we came up with a plan to thwart her digging in our beautiful garden box.

I screwed eyelets along each side of our raised garden box. Next we stretched a tarp across the top and secured the folded hospital corners with tarp clips. The project was complete with four bungee cords pulled across the tarp and secured to the eyelets.

Eyelet screw with secured tarp

close up of eyelet screw and bungee cord

And it worked! Paisley can no longer access the muddy box! Now we’ll just have to figure out how to keep her out once we’ve planted in the box (and had to remove the tarp). Suggestions welcome!!!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was outsmarting the dog to avoid messy midnight baths!

Day 57 of 365.

1 year ago today: Making progress in the right direction 

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share and comment below!


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