Fantastic lunch with friends

Capirotada made by Mina

Today our friends Bonnie and her mom, Bobbie, came over for lunch. They brought their favorite Chinese take-out and we supplied our latest obsession of cupcakes — we were a match made in heaven!

We absolutely love to hang out with these two wonderful ladies. We always laugh a lot, share great conversation, and learn interesting things from each other.

The photo is capirotada, a Mexican bread pudding with toasted almonds, raisins and coconut, which our friend Mina surprised us with this morning as a special treat for our lunch. It was a huge hit!

Not only did we get to kick back with some cherished friends, it was the best kind of lunch because we got to enjoy it in the peace, quiet and comfort of our own home without any cooking or much preparation. After being sick for the last two months, it was nice to be social again. Today’s fantastic lunch was the day’s #OneGoodThing! Bonus: look at Paisley’s sweet face!

Day 69 of 365.

1 year ago today: Getting what’s needed

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share and comment below!


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