Cool, new low-tech gadget

Bottle drainers on display at the Home Show

While at a local Home & Garden Show this past weekend, Mama and I spotted a cool little gadget that helps you drain contents of one bottle into another without creating a huge mess!

It looks like a little plastic funnel with special bits on both ends that hold the two bottles perfectly in place. There’s no wobble; it is surprisingly stable.

Draining olive oil at home

How can I be sure it isn’t a gimmick? Well, we bought one to try ourselves! Tonight we emptied the last bits of organic olive oil from the old bottle to the new. It was so easy and worked like magic. I know it’s a small, silly thing but I hate trying to get that last bit from the bottle and the inevitable waste. For example, I have 3 old shampoo bottles still sitting in my bathroom with just a tiny bit of product left. Now I can consolidate! The olive oil transferred beautifully tonight so the shampoo is next on the list. Lucky for us, these nifty gadgets are also top-shelf dishwasher safe. I love random items that make life easier! Do you have a favorite one of these? Tell me about it!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was successfully experimenting with our cool, new low-tech gadget!

Day 80 of 365.

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  1. Looks and sounds like a good idea, and simple too. What I do is to get the top off the bottle — either it unscrews or it’s a click fit — then add a little of the appropriate liquid — water or vinegar — then shake and pour out the freer-flowing liquid. That wouldn’t work for olive oil. You could warm it up, to make it flow more easily to get the last drops out. Sometimes you don’t need to remove the top. If the bottle is flexible, squeeze some air out, then put the top under water or vinegar and let water or vinegar be sucked up into the bottle. For toothpaste I cut off the bottom of the tube and use the toothbrush to get the last bits out.


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