Turquoise toes & frosting shots 

Today my friend Richard came to visit and we had an awesome afternoon of fun in downtown Santa Rosa!

I loved catching up on life with my buddy. We worked together at The San Francisco Chronicle, and then we lived near each other for a while as well. We used to hang out frequently, but now distance and life make our visits rare. We enjoyed a sushi lunch, followed by relaxing pedicures, and then frosting shots at Sift Dessert Bar! I loved the delectable, amazing food!

Chocolate frosting shot at Sift Dessert Bar

For our pedicures, I decided to experiment with color and went with turquoise. Also, one big toe has white polka dots and the other has white stripes behind a pink heart. Every time I see my happy toes, I smile!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was spending quality time with my dear friend while enjoying wonderful food and turquoise toes!

Day 82 of 365.

1 year ago today: Ending the day on a high note

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please comment below!


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