Miraculously making it home

I’m a few hours late (per my own deadline) of publishing this post and that’s because I just barely made it home. Mama, Paisley and I went to Mendocino for a few days for my birthday this past week. And while I choose to focus on the wonderful time we had exploring the town and visiting with our friend Ann, the truth is that I was also violently sick.

Mama enjoying Mendocino art and flowers

I didn’t tell anyone except Mama, since there was no hiding it from her. On Facebook and on this blog, I wrote about the lovely times and how good it was to be near the ocean again. But I also woke up on our first day with a migraine that never really went away and ramped up to excruciating on our drive home. And yet, migraine pain is one I’m nearly accustomed to after years of chronic migraines. Worse was the violent stomach bug of unknown origin that took me down that same night. I spent the entire night painfully emptying my guts. A day of rest did little to bring me back. I threw up at the start and finish of our drive home and kept a barf bag next to me the whole trip. So I went to bed the moment I got us safely home in our driveway and unpacked from the car. I am so deeply grateful to be reunited with the comforts of home.

Still one of my favorite photos from our trip, photo by Ann Walker

Despite the physical challenges, we really did have a good time. We managed to enjoy ourselves, exploring a new surrounding and appreciating the local artists. Mendocino was beautiful and peaceful; we even had a couple of sunny days! (On a side note, I’d highly recommend seasick pills for the windy Highway 128 to get there; it gives treacherous Highway 17 through the Santa Cruz Mountains a run for its money. Also, the Yorkville Market has excellent Ginger Ale and a clean, stocked bathroom.)

Yesterday’s #OneGoodThing was miraculously making it home safely.

Day 112 of 365. And Day 478 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I’m so glad you all made it home and I wish it could have been a better birthday celebration for you. Happy belated birthday and I still wish you some good health and happiness this year. You most certainly deserve it!


    • Thank you so much Alyssa! I appreciate your kind words — and your sweet card!!! You were away, but did you see you were that day’s #OneGoodThing? Thanks again!



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