So much joy for $9.44

Today we began a little experiment FOR Paisley, which ended up bringing US a surprising amount of joy! It was so great we actually questioned our own motives.

So here’s the story, it gets very hot in the part of northern California where we live and our dog Paisley is a typical Boston Terrier (mostly black fur with a flat nose) so overheating is a concern. Mama and I have been enjoying spending time outside under our new creative DIY shade solution I designed, but Paisley sometimes prefers the cooler house. She tolerates baths, but we’ve no idea how she feels about swimming so we decided to test it out with her very own kiddie pool. I found it on Amazon for $9.44 — and it had plenty of great reviews from other crazy people who’d gotten it for their dogs!

Paisley’s first dip in the kiddie pool

We set it up today and decided we’d encourage Paisley to get in by standing it in ourselves. This was so refreshing and lovely that I pulled over the chairs from the table and we sat with our feet in the water. This was splendid. Then I dragged over our standing umbrella and it was paradise! I actually exclaimed, “So much joy for $9.44!” and laughed. I felt like I was transported to a resort, yet with the comforts of home. We sat there for a while having a nice chat; it was truly wonderful! Oh yeah, and Paisley tolerated it. Hopefully she’ll come to love it like we do!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was the best new part of our backyard oasis — a kiddie pool for the whole Nosy Parker family!

Day 163 of 365. And Day 529 in a row!

1 year ago today: Beautiful, timely visitor

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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