Screenshot of my Round health app (green means I took all my meds that day)

I am learning to accept my current limitations. Yesterday’s limitation was that I used up all of my energy dragging my ass to the doctor’s office, pharmacy, and grocery store. I didn’t wake up feeling well; but when I got home, I was done. I went to bed in the afternoon, got up briefly to check on my girls (Mama and Paisley), and went back to bed.

I messed up my perfect medication-taking record (there’s something so satisfying about those green circles). And I missed my self-imposed deadline for yesterday’s post. I was too sick to function. My Crohn’s flare has been worsening for the last couple of weeks. We are still figuring out exactly which medications will control it, and it’s been a rough process.

Yesterday’s #OneGoodThing was practicing acceptance.

Day 202 of 365. And Day 568 in a row!

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4 years ago today: Last armless bridge

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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    • That’s so sweet of you, Yvonne. Thank you. Though perfect isn’t necessary, I would happily settle for a pain-free day. At least today was better than yesterday and I was able to get some rest. Hope you are well!



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