Successful second infusion

Today was a big day — it was the second IV infusion treatment for my Crohn’s Disease, and it went even better than the first time!

It probably helped that I was less nervous about today’s treatment since I knew what to expect. I also put on make-up to make me feel a little more like myself. Then I got a really fantastic nurse, Tamara, who was able to find a vein without too much pain. Plus, I got to lie down in one of the private rooms for today’s treatment instead of sitting up in the row of chairs. It was quieter, calmer, and darker.

I felt a bit woozy and more flushed than previously, but we’re hoping it is just the Benadryl given at the start of the infusion. In any case, it has left me totally exhausted and I’m going to bed now at 9 o’clock!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was a successful second infusion. My GI doc says I should start seeing some benefits in another week or so. Special thanks again to our dear friend, Kelley, who drove me to the appointment, waited all those hours with me, and even went to the pharmacy!

Day 235 of 365. And Day 601 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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