Wonderful, reliable friend

Yesterday I had another colonoscopy to monitor what’s happening with my Crohn’s Disease. The day is mostly a horrible blur of drinking a gallon of laxatives and becoming severely dehydrated and being in loads of pain. The dehydration triggered a massive migraine and I was not a functioning human.

Thankfully my good friend Kelley came to my house, collected me and brought me to the procedure. She then waited the many hours and took me home.

The procedure was painful and awful (surprising since the prep is usually the worst of it). The whole day was pretty awful and when I got home, I just went right to bed. Hence the lateness of this post. There was only #OneGoodThing in the day, and it was my wonderful, reliable friend Kelley.

Day 271 of 365. And Day 637 in a row!

It always rains on Wednesdays

It always rains on Wednesdays

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5 years ago today: It Rains on Wednesdays…

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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