Sweary eggs for Mama

I frequently hard boil a dozen eggs for Mama. I used to draw little pictures on them, but one time I got tired after 11 drawings and wrote: “Oh shit, another damn egg!” Though my sentiment was about a 12th drawing, I thought it just as easily applied to Mama being served another damn egg.

Mama laughed her ass off and thought it was great. So, the next time around, I wrote swear words on all of the eggs. And thus, Sweary Eggs became a tradition. They make her giggle whenever she opens the carton. When I serve her an egg already peeled, I always tell her, “This little (insert Sweary Egg name here) has been salted and peppered.” For example, this morning I presented breakfast and told her that this little Wanker was salted and peppered. We’ve picked up some great options from the British TV we enjoy. Mama’s favorite is Pissant. What’s your favorite swear word? Share in the comments below and perhaps I’ll feature your word in the next installment of Sweary Eggs.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was a new batch of Sweary Eggs to make Mama smile!

Day 338 of 365.  And Day 704 in a row!

1 year ago today: Mama finished the book!

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I used to think you were such a nice girl! You look as though butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. ‘Ass’ doesn’t seem to me to be anywhere near as rude as ‘arse’. I’m not sure if ‘ass’ is just the way Americans pronounce ‘arse’, or if it is a minced oath. May I recommend “50 words that sound rude but aren’t.” if you run out of words that are rude.

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    • Ahhh Bert, I am a nice girl. But I’m also a proud nasty woman! My background in journalism makes my fingers pause before typing any swear words, but I love a well-placed f-bomb in conversation (or on eggs, apparently)!



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