We’re going back!

Paisley is ready for Venice!

It’s official! We’re going back to our beloved Venice, Italy! And we leave next week!

Mama and I have been researching and planning for the last few weeks, but essentially we’ve been packing on faith. We didn’t have flights or an apartment secured until this past week, but we are absolutely thrilled that it’s now all set.

It’s a last-minute trip because of our chronic health issues. The last few years were so difficult that we thought we’d never travel again. But now that I’m responding better to my Crohn’s chemo infusions, and now that Mama is walking better with her new blinged-out Rollator Walker, we feel strong enough for an adventure. And our doctor agrees!

Mama and I fully acknowledge there are other lovely places in the world, yet we feel eternally drawn by the siren call of Venice.

We haven’t been back to La Serenissima for five years, but our home in California is an homage to our time there. When the doctors told us Mama’s extremely rare brain cancer was terminal (with only 2-5 years to live), we took a very special trip to Venice. It was a magical experience that breathed new life into each of us, reinvigorating our souls, helping us to reach the 7-year milestone, beating the odds.

Mama Jude on her 70th birthday on the RIalto

After celebrating with loved ones in our garden this summer, we longed to mark the occasion in the city that inspires us. We’ll also be celebrating 1,000 days in a row of #OneGoodThing in Venice, plus Mama’s birthday! We are very excited for days of writing, painting, eating, and visiting with local friends. Mama will also be relaunching her blog: Giudittalia, where you can expect to see her delightful and whimsical watercolor paintings and join in her fun encounters!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is nearly finishing packing for our next big adventure! What’s your favorite memory in Venice? All recommendations welcome! Frequent travelers, if you’ve got a tip/gadget/product recommendation that makes travel easier or more comfortable, please share! Lastly, can anyone please tell me if Vodafone is our only/best option to get a cheap Italian cell phone with an Italian number?

Day 246 of 365. And Day 977 in a row (here’s the first 366 & the following 365)! 

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

14 replies

  1. What wonderful news for the (3) of you! I’m not sure whether TIM might give you a good deal on a phone. I use my phone with a TIM SIM card, and that worked just fine.

    I take disinfectant wipes and wipe down every darn thing in my seat area. Since I’ve done that, I didn’t suffer from the dreaded Venetian lurgy. (Flu like, every darn year.)

    Where did you end up finding an apartment?

    No need to say have a good time, I know you will. Big hugs, and good health for your visit.

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    • Thanks Yvonne! I appreciate the disinfectant wipe tip!!! Just curious… Do you just stick some Clorox wipes in a ziplock? Or do you have some great little travel container of them?

      Our apartment is in Castello, very close to our apartment from 5 years ago. This time we’ll be on Calle dei Scudi. Last time we were just down the street from Che Pizza E Pizza. It’s a lovely ground floor studio with a garden!


      • We can buy little packs of 20 disinfectant wipes over here. The idea of putting some of yours in a ziplock bag would work. Then you can find some in Venice to take back home!

        I read Jude’s post right after yours, and saw where you’re staying. It sounds wonderful.

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  2. You have no doubt already thought of this, but do order a wheelchair for Jude, it makes all the difference and speeds you through all sorts of lines. ( That comes from personal experience)

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  3. I use FaceTime as my telephone in Europe. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can call any number as long as you’re near a WiFi connection for free. Does your rental have its own WiFi?

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  4. Yay! I miss one day of your blog and it’s this, I’m happy for you both and also jealous..have a great time and make lots of memories!

    Make sure you go to the top of the new Duty Free Store in the old Post Office, there is a lift (I think there might be 5/6 steps) and you get fantastic views over the Rialto bridge and the Grand Canal.

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