A regular day in Venice

Walking around Venice with Mama

Mama and I had errands to run today, and we got to figure out how to accomplish them the Venetian way.

It was a fun game to plot our path, based on the least number of bridges/stairs and what we needed to carry. We dropped off our laundry first — reuniting with our previous landlady (who runs a laundry) from our trip five years ago. Then we trekked across the city in search of an ATM, after which, we could purchase groceries!

Essei cookies and Tiramisu from Alla Bragora

More important than groceries… We picked up tiramisu and Essei cookies from our old favorite bakery, Alla Bragora. And we enjoyed the fluffy cake and soft cookies while sitting on a bench in a nearby campo, where we met a lovely couple from Southern California.

Everywhere we look, the views are breathtaking. We’ve been walking more these last few days than we have in nearly three years, but our rest stops are simply gorgeous!

The joy on Mama’s face as she walks around Venice is priceless!

We didn’t do anything “touristy” or even especially exciting, but we really loved just living life in Venice. So that is today’s #OneGoodThing!

Day 260 of 365. And Day 991 in a row (here’s the first 366 & the following 365)! 

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

6 replies

  1. It’s amazing, for all the years we’ve been going to Venice we’ve never done the touristy stuff.

    I just love to walk through Venice, with early in the morning or late at night, preferably in the fog! If you look a certain way it is like being in a time machine and it could be 1527 again!

    Midnight mass on Christmas Eve is the best, all the locals wrapped in their furs and capes over the most wonderful outfits with beautiful jewellery peeking out, much better than Carnivale.



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